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August 17, 2005


Jeremy Pierce

At the same time, don't you think the principles the apostles applied in their setting should also apply as we think through how our own congregations should be structured and led? It may well be that many of the same considerations still apply, and the ones that don't have some prior principle behind them that will apply.

Arch Van Devender

Certainly can't disagree with that too much as you have stated it. I could not be a Presbyterian if I did not think that the Apostolic practice of leadership by elders was of normative importance.

I am more concerned about a mistaken idea that somehow the 1rst century church was more "pure" than our present churches and that there is an unwarranted nostalgia for some simpler, purer Christianity unencumbered by the mounds of "tradition" (read doctrine) that has accumulated over the years.

Is this what your comment was directed toward?


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