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God causes all things to work together for good, for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose...

Throughout my life, in all its ups and downs, this has been the one constant truth I can confess.
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April 14, 2010


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Always an interesting book.

I wonder, though, at the scalpel metaphor, though. The famous scripture does not seem to indicate that love is a mechanism, but rather a wherefore.

For he loved, he enacted the mechanism of mercy- the *fulfillment* of justice, rather than it's erasure (except, not at our expense).

I'm always hesitant about the supremacy of "love" talk, as it is read today, for this reason, because, it seems His love was not enough to override His will- His preference for justice, truth- the way of the universe that He created.

C.S lewis illustrated the point, as usual, beautifully.


“Oh, Aslan!” whispered Susan in the Lion’s ear, “can’t we – I mean, you won’t, will you? Can’t we do something about the Deep Magic? Isn’t there something you can work against it?”

“Work against the Emperor’s magic?” said Aslan, turning to her with something like a frown on his face. And nobody ever made that suggestion to him again.


What do you think of this?

Well, I think that C. S. Lewis is not infallible. When the Scriptures offer up an identity relation between God and love (1 John 4:8) we have to be a bit cautious about assigning any other attributes a superior place. God's justice, truth, etc. comply sweetly with God's love but never trump it. It is God's love for the world which results in judgment and even condemnation. God's love for the world is that which moves Him to purify it and us of all that which dishonors or tarnishes it. It is God's love which sent His Son to redeem the world.

So, it is the transforming power of love which works so beautifully to accomplish His ends in all things. It is the communication of Himself such that His image is formed in us that transforms us and His impression of Creation which makes it beautiful. From that ground all else flows.

I think this is to the point you were making but I may have misread you.

Late reply, I know.

The scriptures also tell us at our God is capable of hatred (Psalm 5:5). How can we reconcile God having an emotion that is diametrically opposed to the thing that we say defines him, without dismissing inerrancy?

I'll merely submit that love is an inadequate word as it translates today, or it must be applied in broad, generic mazes as "He loves justice so it's still love if he Hates."

We are quite wrongly frightening the word from it's meaning, it lacks the master touch of truth, and it becomes hard to take seriously for the heathens.

Love simply isn't what we mean, hardly ever, and we ought to mean what we say.

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