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Throughout my life, in all its ups and downs, this has been the one constant truth I can confess.
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July 11, 2013


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“The good news is that treatment can be very effective in helping someone like Coy resolve these issues and develop a healthy male identity — if he and his parents pursue this.” -- Taken from the article as a quote from Jeff Johnston, CitizenLink gender issues analyst.

Clearly, if the parents of this child were both practicing Christians and strove to understand God's word, and moreover were clear in their own roles as the male (father) and female (mother) of their home— this child would have been given clear, firm and loving guidance in what defines a male from a female. But, to allow the child to (and participate in) dressing up as a girl— then the fault lies (IMO) squarely on the shoulders of parents— not the child. A child of 4 years of age does not have the capacity to discern nor identify with a gender role— hence, that is why it is so critical to have solid male role models in the family, as well as clearly expressed female role models.

It seems to me that the end goal of those advocating the more 'enlightened' view of gender roles is the destruction of our current definitions, without necessarily advocating a new definition to replace them. That is the difference between a rebellion against society versus an attempt to reorder it. So I fear your deductions (following from their postulate that gender is innate yet separate from one's physical appearance) are quite irrelevant to those enlightened folks.

Very sad story.

I was depending on you to identify the bird... what is it?

Yellow Crowned Night Heron

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